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Biology 7530
Instructor: C. Ray Chandler

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Here are a few web sites that you may find useful.

Power Calculator. Basic power calculations for ANOVA.
G*Power. Freeware for calculating power.
Online Calculator. Calculates several statistical tests, descriptive stats, corrections for multiple tests, important distributions, etc.
Power Analysis Resources. A variety of links for learning and using power analysis.
Statistical Tables. A variety of common statistical tables.
Research Randomizer. Aids in random sampling or assigning subjects to groups in experiments.
Statistical Tables. Statistical tables, including t-values, chi-squared, binomial, and random digits.
StatSoft. A handy online statistics text.
Introductory Statistics. Another statistics text online.
Engineering Statistics. For engineers, but has some useful sections for biologists.
Sample Size Calculation. Simple calculations of sample size.
Power Simulation. Downloadable power simulator.

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