Conservation Biology
Biology 5548/5548G
Instructor: C. Ray Chandler


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  Thousands of species are threatened with extinction over the next few years, primarily due to the destruction of natural habitat by humans. Conservation Biology is the multidisciplinary science that deals with this unprecedented threat to biological diversity. Conservation biologists conduct research on endangered species and habitats, identify the threats to biological diversity, and develop appropriate solutions. It is a challenging and rewarding field of biology. Unfortunately, as the human population continues its inexorable growth in the new century, there will be an increasing need for well-trained conservation biologists in all parts of the world.
  This course provides a broad introduction to the growing field of Conservation Biology. Lectures cover both the theoretical basis of conservation science and applied conservation issues from around the world. This course will introduce students to the extent of the biodiversity crisis, the threats to biodiversity, the biology of small populations, methods for conservation (both in natural habitats and in captivity), and conservation law. The emphasis throughout is on workable solutions to real-world problems. This course is ideal for those who want to work with environmental issues, wildlife management or conservation agencies, or zoos. It is also designed for those who just want to learn more about biodiversity and its protection.

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