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Conservation Biology
Biology 5548/5548G
Instructor: C. Ray Chandler


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1. One population has 30 individuals (10 with genotype AA and 20 BB). A second population has 50 AA and 20 BB. What is Hs for the first population? the second population? What is Ht and why is Ht bigger than Hs?
Hs = .442 Hs = .408 Ht = .480 Wahlund Effect
2. If N = 82, what proportion of gentic variation will be lost each generaton? How much will remain of 5 generations?
0.6098%, 0.96988
3.What is Ne if there are 66 females and 39 males in a population?
4. What is Ne if a population has 260 individuals in year 1 and then 20, 250, and 300 in subsequent years?
5. If a source population has a lambda of 1.2 and a sink population has a lambda of 0.9, then sink populations will have how many more individuals than source populations?
2x; twice the number
6. A rodent population has a genration time of 1 year and the variance in female litter size is 2.1. If there are 120 rodents, what is Ne?
7. Robins occur at a density of 3.1/ha. The variance in their dispersal distance is 3.2. What is their neighborhood effective population size?
8. A metapopulation occupies 52% of the available patches at equilibrium. If c = .5, what is the extinction rate in this metapopulation?
e = .24
9. How many habitat patches do I need to maintain to a population with 40% patch occupancy to persist?
at least 57

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