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Biology 3133
Instructor: C. Ray Chandler

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Information for week of 3 Dec:
1. Which of the following processes removes carbon dioxide from the atmosphere?
a. nitrogen fixation
b. natural selection
c. respiration
d. eutrophication
e. photosynthesis
2. Which group probably has the lowest production efficiency?
a. earthworms
b. slamanders
c. reptiles
d. insects
e. birds
3. What biogeochemical cycle is involved with the greenhouse effect?
a. nitrogen
b. sulfur
c. carbon
d. oxygen
e. phosphorous
4. A population of mice consumes 10,000 kcal of energy. Hawks eat 800 kcal of mice over the same time period. Hawks assimilate 600 kcal of this intake, and then 20 kcal goes to growth, 100 kcal to reproduction, and 480 kcal to respiration. What is the ecological efficiency of this food chain?
a. 80%
b. 10%
c. 12.5%
d. 8%
e. 25%
HINT: Production efficiency is 20% (20+100)/600
5. The constant reuse of carbon by living and nonliving things is called
a. biomagnification
b. a food chain
c. a food web
d. eutrophication
e. a biogeochemical cycle

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