Nov. 2006 Skidaway Institute of Oceanography – Invited Seminar Speaker
Primary productivity in wetlands of the San Francisco Estuary: Implications for restoration

Oct. 2006 CALFED Science Conference – Poster Presentations
1) The effects of salinity on phytoplankton and dissolved organic carbon
2) Phytoplankton production within the low salinity zone.
3) Summary of program objectives and preliminary results.

Oct.  2005 Estuarine Research Federation – Poster Presentation (Interactive)
How does nutrient availability relate to primary productivity in natural and restored wetlands in the San Francisco Estuary?

Oct.  2004 CALFED Science Conference – Poster Presentation
Evaluating nutrient regimes and primary productivity in wetlands in the San Francisco Estuary.

Sept. 2003 Estuarine Research Federation – Oral Presentation
Using macroalgae as an indicator of terrestrial influences in a southern California estuary.   

April 2003 California Estuarine Research Society Meeting – Oral Presentation
Using macroalgae as an indicator of anthropogenic influences in southern California estuaries.

Feb. 2003 Southern California Coastal Water Research Project – Invited Seminar Speaker
Physiological responses of bloom-forming macroalgae to eutrophic conditions: Implications for use as a bioindicator of freshwater and nutrient influx to estuarine areas.

Nov. 2002 Western Soceiety of Naturalists Conference – Oral Presentation
Factorial experiments of increasing complexity to quantify physiological responses of a bloom-forming green macroalga to short-term change in salinity, nutrients, and light.

June 2002 Southern California Academy of Sciences Conference – Oral Presentation
Physiological Responses to Variations in Salinity, Nutrients and Light Availability of the Bloom-Forming Macroalga Enteromorpha intestinalis: Implications for Use as a Bioindicator of Freshwater and Nutrient Influx to Estuarine and Coastal Areas.

Nov. 2001 Estuarine Research Federation – Poster Presentation
The Physiological Effects of Salinity Reduction and Nutrient Enrichment on the Bloom-Forming Macroalga Enteromorpha intestinalis