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Biol 3130, Principles of Genetics


Summer 2009 

Course Goals:

The goal of this course is to study the principles of genetics, including the gene structure and function, the role of genes in determining the traits of living organisms, and the role of genes in evolution. Topics include the physical basis of Mendelian inheritance, interaction of genes, linkage and mapping, sex linkage, DNA replication, mutation, RNA transcription, protein translation, regulation of gene expression, and the fundamental principles of population, quantitative, and evolutionary genetics.

         This is a three credit-hour lecture course (without labs).

 Prerequisite:  BIOL 2107, BIOL 2107L, BIOL 2108, and BIOL 2108L.

 Instructor:  Dr. Quentin Fang

       Office:  Room 3021, M/P Building

       Office Hours:  Monday Friday 2:00-3:00 pm.

       Office Phone:  912 478 - 1267

        E-mail:  qfang@georgiasouthern.edu

        Web Page:  http://www.georgiasouthern.edu/~qfang


Lecture Time and Place:

            12:00 - 01:40 AM, Monday - Friday; Room 2215, Biology Building.

 Textbook (required):

        iGenetics A Mendelian Approach.  By Peter J. Russell.  Pearson Education, Inc. San Francisco, CA.


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