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Biol 4890 - Undergraduate Research 

What is the Course of "Biol 4890"?  

BIOL 4890/4890S - Undergraduate Research is a research course designed mainly for biology major.  Students conduct a research project under the supervision of faculty. The faculty recommendation must have approval of the head of the biology department. A written abstract and an oral presentation of the results by the student must be presented at the end of the semester. A maximum of five credit hours of Biology 4890 may be counted toward the 22 (BA) or 32 (BSB) credit hours needed in Biology Elective course work. Prerequisites: Minimum GPA of 2.75 and junior standing.

Students interested in taking Biol 4890 with Dr. Fang must talk to Dr. Fang first.  The course under the direction of Dr. Fang  focuses on bio-technology related  research training through hands-on lab experiences.  Students carry out a small research project independently with help from Dr. Fang and his graduate students working in Dr. Fang's laboratory.  

The class schedule is flexible and no regular lectures, quizzes, and exams are offered or required in the course.  The final grade of the course is determined by student's performances in his/her research project.  At the end of class, Student is required to write a short report of his/her research results and give a short (usually 5- minutes) presentation or a poster at a special Biol 4890 seminar or poster session. 

Over 20 undergraduate students have taken this course with Dr. Fang and some undergraduates have been co-authors of peer-reviewed paper published.


Credit hours: 3 or 4 credit hours. 

How to enroll in Biol 4890 with Dr. Fang?

To enroll in Biol 4890 course, you must meet with Dr. Fang first to discuss the your potential research project.  Then, you need to fill out a special permission form (available in Biology Department Front Office). After you have filled out and signed the form, you return the form to Dr. Fang for his signature. The form need to go to Chair of Biology Department for approval.  You enroll to the course online after it is approved by the Chair of Biology Department.

What are the Projects that I may work on if I enrolled in Biol 4890 with Dr. Fang?

The major efforts of Dr. Fang's lab are to apply modern molecular techniques to the study of biology in various fields, including molecular biology/biotechnology, molecular systematics, molecular ecology, molecular population genetics, molecular vector biology of ticks, tick gene identification (cloning and sequencing of tick genes), and tick/pathogen interactions and relations. 


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