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Biol 5099,Selected Topics:

Molecular Ecology


(This course is not offered this semester)

Course Goals:

To utilize molecular genetic techniques to address consequential questions in ecology, evolution, behavior, and conservation. 

(4 credits: 2 lectures and 1 lab per week) 

This course has the following features:

    (1)  More than 10 molecular techniques used in molecular ecology, population genetics, behavior, and conservation will be discussed in class. These techniques include, allozyme, RAPD-PCR, RFLP, microsattelite markers, realtime PCR, gradient gel electrophoresis, and PCR-SSCP, microarry, SNP, etc. 

    (2)  Each technique will discussed in the contents of "principles", "Lab setup and procedures", "Applications and limitations", and "Data analysis and interpretation".  

    (3)  Laboratory experiments include hands-on experiments of molecular techniques and computational data analysis. 


Instructor: Dr. Quentin Fang

Office: Room 3021, M/P/SC Building. 

           Office phone: (912) 871-1267

           E-mail: qfang@georgiasouthern.edu

           Web page: http://www.bio.georgiasouthern.edu/bio-home/fang

Time and place:


                            This curse is not offered this semester.


Course Bulletin Board is available on WebCT



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