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Courses Offered by Dr. Fang


Biol 2107L, Principles of Biology I Laboratory

This is an one-credit-hour core course for biology major. The course emphasizes laboratory hands-on experiences.  Students learn laboratory techniques in cellular and molecular biology through lab experiments and data analysis. 


Prerequisite: Chem 1145, Principles of Chemistry I (may be taken concurrently).

Co-Prerequisite: Biol 2107, Principles of Biology I.


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Biol 3130, Principles of Genetics

This is an three-credit-hour core course for biology major. The goal of this course is to study the principles of genetics, including the gene structure and function, the role of genes in determining the traits of living organisms, and the role of genes in evolution. Topics include the physical basis of Mendelian inheritance, interaction of genes, linkage and mapping, sex linkage, DNA replication, mutation, RNA transcription, protein translation, regulation of gene expression, and the fundamental principles of population, quantitative, and evolutionary genetics.


Prerequisite: BIOL 2107 and BIOL 2107L; BIOL 2108 and BIOL 2108L.


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Biol 5132/5132G, Molecular Genetics: 

A course for up-level undergraduate and graduate students. Examines aspects of inheritance of eukaryotes at the molecular, biochemical, cytological, organismic, and population levels.  This course is usually offered once a year and may be taught by other faculty also.  (3 credits).

Prerequisite: A combination of 20 hours of Biology and Organic Chemistry; Biol 3130, Principles of Genetics.   [ See more ]


Biol 5148/5148G, Human Genetics: 

Basic principles of Mendelian inheritance and molecular genetics are applied to a systematic review of human disorders. Included are disorders of blood, connective tissue, muscles, lysosomes, lipoproteins, transport membrane and mechanisms, amino acid metabolism and the immune system. Special attention is given to diseases caused by chromosomal abnormalities. Population genetics, sex determination, genetics of immunity and cancer, and gene therapy are also covered.  (4 credits, including labs). 


Prerequisite: Biol 2107 and Biol 2107L; BIOL 2108, and BIOL 2108L; Biol 3130, Principles of Genetics.   [ See more ]


Biol 5099/5099G, Molecular Ecology

This course emphasizes how cutting-edge molecular techniques and computational data analysis can be used to study natural populations. This synthesis of molecular biology and ecology provides students with hands-on experience in how to address ecological questions of long-standing including the process of differentiation between natural populations, the geographic structure of populations with estimation of gene flow rates, speciation, hybridization, and the molecular basis of adaptation. Four credit hours.  


Prerequisite: BIOL 2107, BIOL 2107L, BIOL 2108, and BIOL 2108L; Biol 3130, Principles of Genetics.    [ See more ]


Biol 4890, Directed Individual Study: 

This is research training course for up-level undergraduates. The enrollment under Dr. Quentin Fang's supervision is limited to 1-2 students per semester. The course does not have regular lectures. The student receives hand-on research training in molecular biotechniques through lab experiments by doing a specific project.  The final grade will be determined by the performance of the research instead of exams. At end of the course, the student is required to give a short presentation (usually 5 minutes) at the departmental seminar serious and to hand in a short report to the supervisor. (1-4 credits).


Prerequisite: Biol 2107 and Biol 2107L; BIOL 2108, and BIOL 2108L; Biol 3130, Principles of Genetics; GPA 2.75 or above.  [ See more ]


Other Courses: 

Dr. Fang may offer other courses not listed above, such as the courses of graduate seminar, undergraduate seminar, molecular biology, and other genetics courses, depending upon the needs of the department.   [ See more ]


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