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Opportunities for Prospective Graduate Students

Dr. Quentin Fang's research areas are tick molecular vector biology.  The research areas are tick gene isolation (cloning and sequencing of tick genes), test of tick genes for anti-tick vaccine, molecular population genetics of ticks, tick/pathogen relations, and exploration of non-used nuclear protein-encoding genes for molecular systematics,. 


New graduate students are always welcome!


Graduate Assistantships:

Limited and competitive Graduate Assistantships are currently available in the Department of Biology, Georgia Southern University.  

  • Graduate Teaching Assistantships are offered by the Department of Biology at GSU very year.  Please contact Dr. Steve Vives, the Chair of Biology Department or Dr. Bruce Schulte, the departmental Graduate Coordinator, if you are interested in applying for.  

You may also contact Dr. Q.Q. Fang for the graduate teaching assistantships, if you would like to work with Dr. Fang for graduate thesis research. 

  • Graduate Research Assistantship may also be available in Dr. Q. Fang's Laboratory.  Contact Dr. Fang for more information.

For more information of graduate programs in the Department of Biology, Georgia Southern University, please click the departmental web page at: http://www.bio.georgiasouthern.edu.



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