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   Q. Q. Fang, Ph.D. 


   Department of Biology

   P.O. Box 8042

   Georgia Southern University

   Statesboro, GA 30460





Dr. Fang 's research has been focusing on two areas: tick molecular vector biology and tick molecular systematics, including molecular population genetics.


Ticks are obligate, nonpermanent ectoparasites of terrestrial vertebrates. Although only around 850 species worldwide, ticks can be found in every continent of the world. Within arthropods, ticks are the second only to mosquitoes in their transmission of pathogens to humans, human pets, livestock, and wild animals.  The pathogens that ticks serve as vectors can cause various types of diseases, including Lyme disease, Rocky Mountain spotted fever, Colorado tick fever, tick-borne encephalitis, babesiosis, tularemia, tick-borne relapsing fever, and others. In addition, other maladies such as tick paralysis, tick toxicosis, and anaphylaxis to tick bites also occur.  Each year, worldwide public health costs due to tick-transmitted diseases are estimated to be in the range of several billion U.S. dollars. 


Dr. Fang's lab has been involving in molecular phylogenetic analysis of ticks using variety of genes, particularly the unused nuclear protein-encoding genes.  The second research effort in Fang's lab is to investigate genes that are related to relations of tick, host, and pathogen, including these genes that are promising in development of anti-tick vaccine. 





Dr. Fang has been involving in teaching courses at multiple levels, including courses of Cellular and Molecular Biology (laboratory), Principles of Genetics, Human Genetics, Molecular Biology, Biotechniques, Molecular Systematics, and Molecular Ecology.  In addition to teaching regular courses,  Dr. Fang also offers undergraduate research training course (under Biol 4890).


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