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Other Courses may be offered by Dr. Fang 

Biol 2107, Principles of Biology I (Lecture)  

A general course covering the concepts and applications of cellular and molecular biology. Includes scientific method, cell organization, gene regulation, molecular genetics, cell diversity, cell structure and function, and evolution. Prerequisite: CHEM 1145 (may be taken concurrently). This is a core course required for biology major. The course is offered every Spring and Fall semester and may be taught by other faculty also.  (3 credits).   [Back to Other Courses]

Biol 5142/5142G, Molecular Biotechniques:

For up-level undergraduate and graduate students. Highlights modern discoveries in molecular genetics and their application in today's world. In addition to the body of facts associated with molecular methodology, the course will introduce students to experimental techniques such as PCR, electrophoresis, restriction enzyme digestion, and DNA sequencing. Prerequisites: Biol 2131, Biol 3132, and Biol 3133. This course is usually offered once a year and may be taught by other faculty also. (4 credits).  [Back to Other Courses]

Biol 5345/5345G, (Molecular) Systematic Biology

For up-level undergraduate and graduate students. A molecular systematics course. Two lectures and one lab per week. The principles and methods of molecular techniques commonly used in systematics, ecology, and evolutionary biology are discussed. These techniques include allozyme gel electrophoresis, DNA/DNA hybridization, DNA finger printing, PCR-SSCP, RFLP, PCR-RADP, DGGE/TGGE, Heteroduplex analysis, Micro-and macro-satellite markers, DNA cloning and sequencing. Data analysis using commonly software packages such as PAUP and PHYLIP will also cover in the course. Laboratory experiments include DNA extraction, gel electrophoresis, PCR, RAPD, RFLP, SSCP, and more. This course may be offered once a year or less. (4 credits).  [Back to Other Courses]

Biol 7133, Molecular Biology:

Studies from a molecular viewpoint of gene structure and  function in both prokaryotic and Eukaryotic organisms. Emphasis is placed on how genes function in their biological context. This course may not be offered every year. (3 credits).   [ Back to Other Courses ] 

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