Evolution & Ecology Discussion Group
Purpose: To promote lively dialog among faculty, students and staff about current research in the fields of evolution, ecology and behavior. In our weekly meetings we 1) discuss a recently published paper, 2) help improve a manuscript written by one of the participants, or 3) use the time for seminar run-throughs.

History: E&E began in January 1996 when Ray Chandler and Lorne Wolfe initiated the first meetings. From such humble beginnings, weekly attendance has grown to about 10-15 participants.

When: Fridays 4-5 pm

Recent Topics

  • Slotow, R., G. van Dyk, J. Poole, B. Page, A. Klocke. 2000. Older bull elephants control young males. Nature 408: 425-426.

  • Johnson, JC. 2001. Sexual cannibalism in fishing spiders (Dolomedes triton): an evaluation of two explanations for female aggression towards potential mates. Animal Behavior 61:905-914.

  • Thomas, CD, EJ Bodsworth, RJ Wilson, AD Simmons, ZG Davies, M Musche and L Conradt. 2001. Ecological and evolutionary processes at expanding range margins. Nature 411:577-580.

  • Edmunds, PJ and RC Carpenter. 2001. Recovery of Diadema antillarumreduces macroalgal cover and increases abundance of juvenile corals on a Caribbean reef. PNAS 98:5067-5071.

  • Kapan, DD. 2001. Three-butterfly system provides a field test of mullerian mimicry. Nature 409:338-340.

  • Podos, J. 2000. Correlated evolution of morphology and vocal signal structure in Darwin's finches. Nature 409:185-188.

  • Bordenstein, SR, FP O'Hara and JH Werren. 2001. Wolbachia-induced incompatibility precedes other hybrid incompatibilities in Nasonia. Nature 409:707-710.

  • Richards, JH. 2001. Bladder function in Utricularia purpurea (Lentibulariaceae): is carnivory important? American J. Botany 88:170-176.

  • Wilson, AB, K Noack-Kunnmann and A. Meyer. 2000. Incipient speciation in sympatric Nicaraguan crater lake fishes: sexual selection versus ecological diversification. Proc. Royal Soc. London B. 267:2133-2141.

  • Ims, RA and HP Andreassen. 2000. Spatial synchronization of vole population dynamics by predatory birds. Nature 408:194-196.

  • Harder, LD and Barrett, SCH. 2000. The mating consequences of sexual segregation within inflorescences of flowering plants. Proceedings of The Royal Society of London Series B. 267 no. 1441:315-320.

  • Wolfe, LM. Architecture influences components of female reproductive success in Linaria canadensis. Manuscript.
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