Ecteinascidia turbinata
(Mangrove Tunicate )

1. In situ
2. In situ
3. In situ
4. Out of water
Size: Individual zooids height.: 2-2.5cm (0.75-1")
Recognition Characters: Both siphons protrude from dorsal surface. Colonies grow in clusters which can contain hundreds of inidiviuals. Zooids attach to substrate individually by thin rootlike stolon.
Color: Individual zooids can be transparent to transparent orange to bright orange
Habitat & Depth: Shallow intertidal to 25m. Commonly associated with mangrove roots but also found attached to rocks.
Distribution at GRNMS: Common
Geographic Range: Primarily tropical but Northern distribution may follow Gulfstream
Behavior & Notes: E. turbinata is chemically defended. One predator that exlusively feeds on E. turbinata is the lined or tiger flatworm, Psuedoceros crozieri
References: Meinkoth 1981, Kaplan 1988, Ruppert and Fox 1988

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