Geodia gibberosa
(White Enrusting Sponge)


Size: Colony height: 5cm (2") Colony width: reaching 10cm (4")
Recognition Characters: Sponge is encrusting with a tendency to become lobate or round in form. Sponge division of outer cortex and inner choanosome easily apparent. Outer cortex smooth, thin, strong, firm, and incompressible. Inner choanosome fibrous, softer than outer cortex. Sponges in the Geodia genus contain sterraster spicules and shafted triaenes. At least for the purple (cryptic) specimen, the ectosome was sticky.
Color: White, yellow, or purple with meshlike ectosome
Habitat & Depth: Widely distributed throughout many habitats. Encrust underside of ledges, rocky outcropings, crevices, and coral reefs to 50m
Distribution at GRNMS: Rare. This sponge is cryptic in its distribution at GRNMS. It prefers to grow in recesses, cracks and underneath ledges
Geographic Range: Caribbean, Florida to North Carolina
Behavior & Notes:
References: Wiedenmayer 1977

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