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If you would like to get involved in GSEN activities, just contact the chair of the committee that interests you or contact the GSEN president.

Curriculum Committee
This group is working to develop a minor and concentration in environmental science on the GSU campus and to enhance GSU's overall environmental science curriculum.
Karen McCurdy (chair), Larry Mutter, John Averett, Dallas Rhodes
Greenway Committee
The greenway committee is working to turn the concept of a cross-campus greenway into a reality by publicizing the benefits of a greenway and by seeking funding for this important project.
Ray Chandler (chair), Sue Sill, Steve Hein
Public Relations
Public relations seeks to raise the profile of environmental issues on campus and to educate the university community on environmental problems that impact the campus.
Wendy Denton (chair), Jim Reichard, Mike Mills, Steve Weiss
Recycling Committee
Our recycling committee is working to expand recycling collection points on campus (including residence halls and sports venues), broaden the range of recycled materials, and expand awareness of GSU's recycling program.
Lorne Wolfe (chair), Janet Burns, Michelle Cawthorn
Transportation Committee
The transportation committee is developing ideas for ways to limit automobile traffic on campus and to encourage alternatives such as biking, walking, car-pooling, and mass transportation.
Charlie Briggs (chair), Danny Gleason


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