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The following is a roster of individuals that are active in, or receive information through, the Georgia Southern Environmental Network. This roster was last updated APRIL 2003. If you would like to be added to the list, contact the communication officer.

Albertson, Kathy Writing and Linguistics
Allen, David Sociology
Amy, Lori Women's and Gender Studies
Averett, John Biology
Beard, Caroline Technology
Briggs, Charlie  History
Brogdon, Sue Botanical Garden
Burke, Kathleen  Continuing Ed/Public Service
Burns, Janet  Library
Cawthorn, Michelle  Biology
Chandler, Ray (President)  Biology
Claiborne, James Biology
Cornwell, Carol Nursing
Darrell, Jim  Geology and Geography
Denton, Trey  Marketing
Denton, Wendy  Museum
Downs, Alan History
Frost, Cynthia Library
Gleason, Danny  Biology
Harvey, Alan Biology
Hein, Steve Raptor Center
Hudak, Jane Art
Langley, Susan  Geology and Geography
Leege, Lissa  Biology
McCurdy, Karen Political Science
McIntosh, William Psychology
Mills, Mike  Writing and Linguistics
Mutter, Larry (Communications)  Recreation/Sport Management
Novotny, Patrick  Political Science
Powers-Stubbs, Karen Writing and Linguistics
Randolph, Bob Botanical Garden
Reichard, Jim Geology and Geography
Rhodes, Dallas Geology and Geography
Richter, Fred Emeritus
Robinson, David Literature
Schriver, Martha  Middle Grades/Secondary Ed
Schulte, Bruce (Secretary)  Biology
Skidmore-Hess, Cathy  History
Spence, Lisa Information Technology
Tames, Stephanie  Botanical Garden
Trupe, Chuck  Geology and Geography
Vives, Steve Biology
Weiss, Steven Literature and Philosophy
Welford, Mark  Geology and Geography
Wolfe, Lorne  Biology
Zimmerman, Diane Botanical Garden

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