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Some information about recycling in Georgia:
The average American produces about 3.5 pounds of trash per day, 1275 pounds per year. This means that the annual trash production of the US is about 200 million tons. Much of this waste is recyclable.
Thirty-three percent of Georgia's solid waste stream was recycled in 1995-1996. Nearly 5 million tons of material were recycled in Georgia in 1995.
Ninety-four percent of Georgia's population is covered by a recycling program, and over 13,000 Georgians work in the recycling industry. Recycling programs exist in over 500 Georgia communities
Recycling a three-foot stack of newspaper saves one tree. Every ton of paper that gets recycled saves enough energy to heat the average home for six months (4100 kwh).
Want to learn more about recycling in Georgia?
Learn more about recycling from Georgians for Comprehensive Recycling. The Georgia Department of Community Affairs maintains web sites that tell you what to recycle and where to recycle. You can also get information by calling:
1-800-CLEANUP (general recycling)
1-800-YES1CAN (metal)
1-800-2HELP90 (plastics)
1-202-887-4850 (glass)
1-800-878-8878 (paper)
Want to do more at Georgia Southern?
1. Participate in campus recycling! Learn more about the library's recycling task force.
2. Minimize the amount of trash you produce (avoid styrofoam and carry-out containers, decline plastic bags for small purchases at the campus store, use all pages of a notebook then recycle it, do as much computer work "on screen" as possible without printing hard copies).
3. Get involved in a group like S.A.G.E. or GSEN.
4. See what other campuses are up to at sites like College and University Recycling Council and the National Wildlife Federation's campus ecology site.
5. Urge GSU to expand recycling programs and provide more information on recycling on its web site (see Emory University's excellent site). Contact the GSU recycling coordinator.

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