Biology 5446/5446G
Instructor: C. Ray Chandler

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Because of their diversity (10,000 species), bright colors, song, and ability to fly, birds are one of the most conspicuous groups of animals that we encounter in our lives. Ornithology is the science that studies the biology of these fascinating animals.

This course is designed to provide students with a basic introduction to the biology of birds. Lecture topics include the origin of birds, basic morphology and physiology, feathers and flight, migration, mating systems and breeding biology, ecology, evolution, and behavior. Lectures emphasize current research and the scientific study of birds. The laboratory is strongly field-oriented and will emphasize the identification and natural history of Georgia birds. Students will also gain experience with field research techniques. This course is designed for upper-level biology majors, but may also be useful for anyone with an interest in birds.

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