The Chandler Lab

The Chandler lab brings together a diverse group of graduate students and undergraduate assistants to carry out research on vertebrate behavior and ecology, conservation biology, and wildlife management. In our spare time we introduce yankees to the mysteries of southern culture. Click on some of the links below to see us in action.

A visit to the Jen Show. Jen at work on St. Catherines Island.
Fire ecology. Cool photos by Paul Phillips.
St. Catherines Island. Sharon visits a favorite research site.
We watch where we step. Photos by Scott Somershoe.
Group selection. Evolution of the Chandler lab.
Burn baby burn. A prescribed burn at Ray's place.
Go North! Ornithologists in the Great White North.
Gina's 27th birthday party. Gina gets surprised.
Ray's 45th birthday party. Ray gets old.
Odds and Ends. Various recent pictures.

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