My completely idiosyncratic list of interesting-or-useful-to-me links (currently being renovated; excuse the mess!)


Biology Dashboard

Google map api test
Calbug: could we do something like this for the herbarium?

Georgia Entomological Society
Caterpillars of Louisiana
Fast key to dragonfly genera
Georgia Dragonfly Survey

Sandbox Bulloch Cty singing insects Pine needle lab Pe_transpiration New species of owl discovered by call
Nifty evolution animation
North American Mycological Association
Mushroom observer
Brain-eating amoeba
Assembling the Tree of Life: Decapoda
BAMONA: York County, ME
BAMONA: Bulloch County, GA
Mushroom club of Georgia
Moth Exhibit at Colorado Museum
Why are moths attracted to light? 1
Why are moths attracted to light? 2
Why are moths attracted to light? 3
Why are moths attracted to light? 4
Lynn Scott's Lep page
Moth Photographer's group
James Adams Georgia leps
Lepidopteran host plant database
World list of extrafloral nectaries
Tiger Beetle rearing page
Discover Nature at JCU
Georgia Southern University Department of Biology
Bats in Borneo roost in carnivorous pitcher plants
How to preserve insects in hand sanitizer
Live Brine Shrimp
Tardigrada newsletter
Willard Sherman Turrell herbarium on-line search
The Crustacean Society
A guide to the benthic invertebrates and cryptic fishes of GRNMS
Singing insects of North America
Australian Diving Grasshopper
Milkweed aphid link
GA Botanical Society
Georgia State Parks
Consortium of California Herbaria
GSU Herbarium
GSU Botanical Garden
The Oregon Flora Project
Entsoc meetings
Biology wiki
Champion Swimming Eagle
Interesting blog article on how poorly humans are designed
Custom Sunrise/sunset calculator for Georgia
Locator maps of GA cties
Georgia Environmental Resources Digital Data Atlas
GSU grants
Georgia State Maps
PLANTS Database
Association of Southeastern Biologists
International Code of Botanical Nomenclature
Biodiversity Heritage Library (scans)
Mike Kaspari
Daniel Gruner
Stephen Pratt
Physiographic provinces of Georgia
Southeastern Flora
Southern Lepidopterists Society
Invasive Plants of Asian Origin Established in the United States and Their Natural Enemies
GA native plant Society
Georgia climate maps
Look at ant mimic!
Blue bio
Maryland Fossils
Consecutively numbered labels and tape rolls
MSP grade 3
MSP grade 4
MSP grade 5


Glow Hut (EL lamps)
Vassar Stats

Wacom Inkling
Wild M420 Photomacroscope
Macro photography group
Specify 6
Favicon generator
MediaBox (not just for images)
Joomla (CMS - Content Management System) software
MAMP (Macintosh, Apache, Mysql and PHP)
RapidWeaver forum
WordPress (blogging software)
Papers (a software package)
GoogleChart API
Online ImageMap path finder
Open Source GIS software
Spreadsheet to wiki converter (it works!)
Developing iPhone apps
DendroUPGMA online UPGMA generator & tree drawer
Calculate intersection point of two lines
Off-site NetCloak tute
Dynamic Drive Featured Content Glider
NSBasic/Palm (ditto...)
Microscope adapters for the Camedia?
Recalculating formulas
Excel database functions
Histogram optimizing (very slow on Macs, but has algorithms)
SpreadSheetConverter (PC only...)
Histogram bing width applet: neat!
Wacom Intuos 2 driver
Garmin software for Macs
General installation of DIMMs
Memory cards


National Novel Writing Month

Mystery Guitar Man
Cultured buttermilk
Setup for stand-up desk
The Fresh Loaf: amateur artisan bakers and bread enthusiasts
Songsterr tabs
Blank sheet music paper
8notes extras page
United States Chess Federation rating lookup
Floating magnet
PikaPika light-painting society!?!
Light-painting video
Crafts for kids
Krylon paints for plastic
Sea beds using succulents!
Good nozzle for cleaning roots
African Violet care
Semi-hydroponics forum
Pressure cooker
Rice cooker fun
101 Cookbooks
Semi-hydroponics forum (heavy orchid emphasis)
Another hydroculture orchid site
Savannah Hydroponics
Glasshouse Works
Bellewood Gardens
Natural Selections Exotics
Bob Smoley's
Bloody sorrel seeds!
Statesboro-Bulloch Parks & Recreation
Household hacks
Pandora (custom internet radio)
Guide to logical fallacies


Georgia Southern University Honors program
Millenial students
GSA out-of-state per-diem