Principles of Biology II
BIOL 2108A - Fall 2009
Georgia Southern University
12:30-1:45 TR
Room 1119 Biology Building
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"What can be more important than the science of life to any intelligent being who has the good fortune to be alive?"
-- Isaac Asimov

Dr. Lissa Leege
: Biology 1103C
Phone: 912-478-0800
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Office Hours: Monday 1-2.

Dr. Danny Gleason will be teaching the second part of this course.
Follow this link to his course web page.

*Notice Board*

Grades through your exam are now posted. Please contact me before October 26  if your records do not match with mine. No grade updates will be considered after that time.

I've enjoyed working with you this semester! Don't be a stranger and I hope to see you in my Biology of Plants class this spring! Dr. Leege

Welcome to Principles of Biology II!
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