Reduce your impact!

Consider the amounts of energy and resources that you are consuming, realize the amount that you waste, and simply cut back. About 40% of what is in landfills is paper! Consider the IMPACT that you could have by reducing your paper consumption!

Reuse your resources!

A lot of what we use can be reused several times. Instead of using paper towels, why not invest in cloths that could be reused again and again? Also, why not use reusable bags or containers instead of any use and trash item. Consider not only the waste that this will be in a landfill, but the initial energy used to create this convenient piece of trash.

Recycle your waste!

Dont let your trash be trash! About 80% of what Americans throw away is recyclable, yet our recycling rate is just 28%.

5 easy steps to recycle:

  1. Establish a recycling bin that is located near your trash can.
  2. Know what can be recycled(plastics, card board, paper, and aluminum)
  3. Clean/rinse items before you recycle them.
  4. Take these items to a recycling center. The 2 nearest recycling centers are located in the Wal-Mart parking lot and at 15 Institute St (note: this is the step that SAGE is currently trying to eliminate. We see the inconvenience this poses, and we are currently running a campaign to have recycling extremely accessible throughout the campus. If you want to recycle, but cannot take your recyclables to a recycling center, then LET US KNOW, and we will perform this step for you!)
  5. If you are taking your recyclables to a recycling center, sort it out and youre on your way!

Practice energy efficiency and use renewable energy!

Year by year, renewable energy is becoming more available, efficient, and less expensive! When comparing renewable energy, such as wind and solar power, to dirty, nonrenewable energy, such as coal and nuclear, it is actually less expensive in the long run to invest in renewable energy. Also, renewable energy is CLEAN. It is time for our world to obtain our energy through sustainable means!

Increase personal awareness and take action for a green GSU, and ultimately a green Earth!

This Green Movement is a movement that spans across all generations, races, and cultures; ultimately, anyone and everyone has the ability to join, contribute, and be the change they want to see in this world.

If you have a concern and are interested in seeing change, let SAGE know and we will do everything we can to make it happen!