Rhynchospora colorata (Starrush Whitetop Sedge)
Cumberland Island National Seashore (A. Harvey)

Welcome to the Georgia Southern University Herbarium!

Our herbarium contains over 20,000 accessioned specimens of vascular plants; about half of these are from the state of Georgia, of which about half is from Bulloch County.

What is a herbarium?

Herbaria house collections of preserved plant specimens and their associated collection data.

What are herbaria used for?

They are irreplaceable sources of information about our region's biodiversity.

They provide the comparative material that is essential for studies in taxonomy, systematics, ecology, anatomy, morphology, conservation biology, biodiversity, ethnobotany, and paleobiology.

Who uses herbaria?

Herbarium collections are also used for teaching and by the public.

Conservation organizations, state agencies, even garden clubs make use of natural collections.

And given the alarming rate of extinction in today's world, natural history collections play a pivotal role in recording where organisms live or lived for future generations of scientists and laypersons alike.