Here is core information on all of our catalogued specimens of species in the family Dipsacaceae. The table is now sortable (as of 19 SEP, 2012); click on a table heading to sort up; click again to reverse the sort direction. As yet it sorts dates as text strings, not actual dates (we’re working on this!).

Be aware that this information has not been fully proofed; also, more than half of our collections have not yet been databased, so this may not be complete either. Please do not hesitate to contact us for more specific queries, or if you see an error.
StateCountyCollection dateCollectorCollection
Dipsacus sylvestris008010
Dipsacus sylvestris008292
Dipsacus sylvestris006339North CarolinaAshe29-SEP-1962John R. Bozeman1600
Dipsacus sylvestris004171OregonBenton27-JUN-1960La Rea J. Dennis2242
Dipsacus sylvestris008291New YorkTompkins7-AUG-1965DeWolf
Dipsacus sylvestris15684MarylandWashington8-AUG-1971D. R. Windler3719
Knautia arvensis006979
Knautia arvensis008009
Knautia arvensis004454Cambridge3-AUG-1957G. P. DeWolf
Scabiosa bipinnata15343Polonia22-JAN-1968G. P. DeWolf2201
Scabiosa columbaria008623Ccambridgeshire8-JUN-1947P. D. Sell
Scabiosa columbaria010936Great BritainCcambridgeshire7-SEP-1957G. P. DeWolf
Scabiosa pratensis00862224-JUL-1949