Here is core information on all of our catalogued specimens of species in the family Hydrocharitaceae. The table is now sortable (as of 19 SEP, 2012); click on a table heading to sort up; click again to reverse the sort direction. As yet it sorts dates as text strings, not actual dates (we’re working on this!).

Be aware that this information has not been fully proofed; also, more than half of our collections have not yet been databased, so this may not be complete either. Please do not hesitate to contact us for more specific queries, or if you see an error.
StateCountyCollection dateCollectorCollection
Egeria densa009669South CarolinaAiken19-JUN-1966A. E. Radford44794
Egeria densa000350GeorgiaBulloch1-APR-1951Jimmy Oliver
Egeria densa000349North CarolinaOrton Plantation10-MAY-1952J. A. Boole446
Egeria densa010191GeorgiaScreven16-SEP-1965John R. Bozeman
Elodea canadensis009056
Elodea canadensis16977EnglandP. D. Sell171
Elodea canadensis099238GeorgiaRichmond1-AUG-1973Stephen J. Farkas18
Elodea nuttallii099726GeorgiaBulloch25-JUN-1999Josh Middleton73
Elodea nuttallii003358West VirginiaMonongalia26-MAY-1941H. A. Davis
Elodea nuttallii009642North CarolinaTyrrell2-AUG-1966A. E. Radford45085
Hydrocharis morsus-ranae009055
Hydrocharis morsus-ranae0083993-AUG-1908
Limnobium spongia010224North CarolinaCraven10-SEP-1966Ted Bradley3495
Limnobium spongia005096South CarolinaJasper25-JUL-1958E. O. M.328A
Limnobium spongia007117GeorgiaMcIntosh15-APR-1956Wilbur H. Duncan19970
Stratiotes aloides008400OxfordJ. Gray1259
Vallisneria americana008312LouisianaCameron29-SEP-1963John W. Thieret
Vallisneria americana010025North CarolinaTyrrell2-OCT-1966A. E. Radford45324
Vallisneria spiralis005860IndiaDehli1-NOV-1963Shyama Singh