Here is core information on all of our catalogued specimens of species in the family Nyctaginaceae. The table is now sortable (as of 19 SEP, 2012); click on a table heading to sort up; click again to reverse the sort direction. As yet it sorts dates as text strings, not actual dates (we’re working on this!).

Be aware that this information has not been fully proofed; also, more than half of our collections have not yet been databased, so this may not be complete either. Please do not hesitate to contact us for more specific queries, or if you see an error.
StateCountyCollection dateCollectorCollection
Abronia latifolia13175CaliforniaHumboldt19-MAY-1963J. R. Woodside5
Abronia latifolia005990CaliforniaKern20-APR-1962V. Brinson312
Abronia latifolia007858CaliforniaMendocino18-OCT-1964Robert F. Thorne34149
Abronia latifolia012608CaliforniaSan Luis Obispo 21-APR-1963Harbert Rice154
Boerhaavia caribaea
Boerhaavia caribaea16032North CarolinaNew Hanover21-JUL-1970S. W. Leonard3342
Boerhaavia diffusa13200IndiaDelhiKanta1043
Boerhaavia diffusa005858IndiaMorenaShyama Singh
Boerhaavia repanda005856IndiaDelhi21-OCT-1962Shyama Singh
Bougainvillea glabra010944FloridaNasseau10-APR-1966Lamar Park2
Bougainvillea spectabilis010735MassachussettsUniversityG. P. DeWolf
Mirabilis albida012548South CarolinaAiken27-OCT-1961Harry E. Ahles55535
Mirabilis jalapa099980GeorgiaChatham17-OCT-1964Jean Spooner185
Mirabilis jalapa099981GeorgiaChatham17-OCT-1964Penny Hooper
Mirabilis jalapa099982GeorgiaChatham17-OCT-1964David Hall
Mirabilis jalapa099983GeorgiaChatham17-OCT-1964Penny Hooper
Mirabilis jalapa099984GeorgiaChatham17-OCT-1964Robert W. O'Steen
Mirabilis jalapa099985GeorgiaChatham17-OCT-1964Robert W. O'Steen
Mirabilis jalapa100045GeorgiaChatham17-OCT-1964David Hall
Torrubia longifolia010596FloridaDade15-MAR-1966David Hall
Torrubia longifolia100092FloridaDade15-MAR-1966DeWolf, David Hall
Torrubia longifolia100093FloridaDade15-MAR-1966DeWolf, David Hall
Torrubia longifolia010595FloridaMonroe16-MAR-1966DeWolf