Here is core information on all of our catalogued specimens of species in the family Pittosporaceae. The table is now sortable (as of 19 SEP, 2012); click on a table heading to sort up; click again to reverse the sort direction. As yet it sorts dates as text strings, not actual dates (we’re working on this!).

Be aware that this information has not been fully proofed; also, more than half of our collections have not yet been databased, so this may not be complete either. Please do not hesitate to contact us for more specific queries, or if you see an error.
StateCountyCollection dateCollectorCollection
Pittosporum tobira004719GeorgiaBulloch4-MAY-1960Frances Bailey148
Pittosporum tobira012722GeorgiaBulloch26-APR-1965Fred Cook140
Pittosporum tobira099682GeorgiaBulloch2-SEP-1998Christy Revels, Mitch Stephens, Madijah Hall17
Pittosporum tobira002294North CarolinaChapel Hill25-APR-1953J. A. Boole486
Pittosporum tobira010737GeorgiaGlynn2-MAY-1966Larry Pafford
Pittosporum tobira004718GeorgiaJenkins28-APR-1960Tommie Webb60
Pittosporum tobira012720FloridaNassua10-APR-1966Ray Lamar Park
Pittosporum tobira004717GeorgiaPierceJ. R. Bozeman76
Pittosporum tobira012721GeorgiaWheeler1-MAY-1960Embree Anderson150
Pittosporum undulatum007865CaliforniaLos Angeles30-MAR-1964Robert F. Thorne33542