Here is core information on all of our catalogued specimens of species in the family Typhaceae. The table is now sortable (as of 19 SEP, 2012); click on a table heading to sort up; click again to reverse the sort direction. As yet it sorts dates as text strings, not actual dates (we’re working on this!).

Be aware that this information has not been fully proofed; also, more than half of our collections have not yet been databased, so this may not be complete either. Please do not hesitate to contact us for more specific queries, or if you see an error.
StateCountyCollection dateCollectorCollection
Typha angustifolia006107
Typha angustifolia006108
Typha angustifolia006718
Typha angustifolia009025
Typha angustifolia009595North CarolinaBrunswick7-AUG-1966J. Stevenson3402
Typha angustifolia006106GeorgiaBulloch25-MAY-1964N. L. B.282
Typha angustifolia099431South CarolinaJasper
Typha angustifolia005097South CarolinaJasper11-JUN-1959M. B. M.274A
Typha angustifolia012060North CarolinaNew Hanover20-JUN-1967Dale E. Harrison542
Typha domingensis14480North CarolinaCarteret29-AUG-1968James F. Parnell12
Typha domingensis005098South CarolinaJasper8-FEB-1960E. O. Mellinger850
Typha glauca005207OhioMahoning1-SEP-1958E. O. Mellinger
Typha latifolia
Typha latifolia000537North CarolinaAnson30-JUN-1956A. E. Radford13494
Typha latifolia17081GeorgiaBulloch28-MAY-1977Marvin A. Middleton111
Typha latifolia102138GeorgiaBulloch19-OCT-1977Tommy McTier
Typha latifolia099450GeorgiaBulloch8-JUN-1999Renee M. LeBlanc, Laura C. Sluss34B
Typha latifolia099451GeorgiaBulloch8-JUN-1999Renee M. LeBlanc, Laura C. Sluss34A
Typha latifolia099452GeorgiaBulloch8-JUN-1999Josh Middleton, Scott Bruckmair34B
Typha latifolia099453GeorgiaBulloch8-JUN-1999Josh Middleton, Scott Bruckmair34A
Typha latifolia099454GeorgiaBulloch8-JUN-1999Josh Middleton, Scott Bruckmair34C
Typha latifolia099698GeorgiaBulloch8-JUN-2002Daisy H. Kangeter2P