IAP building molecular lab Dr. D. Apanaskevich in microscopy lab

The IAP headquarters is centrally located on the GSU campus in a 2.600 square foot building that is adjacent to the University's Biology Building. The headquarters contains the U.S. National Tick Collection and its accompanying literature collections. In addition, there is a conference room , a microscope room/laboratory, and offices for the institute director, the curator and the assistant curator of the tick collection, a postdoctoral scientist (or student), technicians and a secretary.

Typically, IAP postdoctoral scientists, students and additional technicians occupy offices or laboratories nearby in the Biology Building. Also, the IAP has molecular, physiology, microbiology and tick-rearing laboratories plus separate animal rooms within the Biology Building.

The complete library on ticks and tick-borne diseases (reprints, monographs, and books) amassed by the RML and by H. Hoogstraal, are housed in the Conference room within the main Institute building. More than 50000 articles are included in these files. The Hoogstraal files include hundreds of translation of important Russian, Chinese, and other tick literature. In addition, the personal libraries of the two curators and the IAP director further enhance the availability of relevant articles and books.