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U.S. National Tick Collection (USNTC)

The James H. Oliver, Jr. Institute of Arthropodology and Parasitology (IAP) is an interdepartmental organization that encompasses an area of exceptional strength in research, service and teaching at Georgia Southern University (GSU) in Statesboro, Georgia. Members have research interests in arthropods (insects, mites, ticks, crabs, spiders, etc.), and parasites (viruses, fungi, protozoa, helminthes, etc.). Several IAP members are particularly interested in diseases of humans, livestock, plants or wildlife. These diseases are caused either by the arthropods or by the pathogens transmitted by the arthropods. The institute draws national and international attention to Georgia Southern University and its cadre of scientific expertise. Also it attracts visiting researchers and students from across the United States and from countries around the globe including Australia, Czech Republic, Germany, Indonesia, People's Republic of China, Portugal, Russia, Republic of South Africa, Switzerland and the United Kingdom.
The IAP home of the U.S. National Tick Collection (USNTC) with over a million tick specimens, and the Southeastern Lyme Spirochete Collection with more then 300 spirochete frozen cultures. There is also unique library of books and articles in related topics.