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Perhaps you entered Georgia Southern and you already know precisely what career you desire, or maybe you are not sure what you want to be. Regardless, it is never too early to begin thinking about and planning for your career once you graduate university. First, you should find out what the options are for you once you do complete your Bachelor's degree in Biology.

There are essentially two routes you can take. First, you can continue your studies by getting an advanced degree from graduate school (Masters or Doctorate) or you may want to enter medical, dental or veterinary school. For either route, make sure to find out which tests you have to take (eg, MCAT, GRE). The second option is that you can enter the job market and work for a government agency or pharmaceutical firm. And if you really have no idea of 'what you want to be when you grow up', there is no shortage of people to speak to on the Georgia Southern campus. The best place to start is with your biology advisor and professors. By speaking with them, you can get free advice from people with lots of experience and they can help you find what interests are, and identify career ideas for you to investigate.

Also, GSU also has an excellent Career Services Office with folks who are extremely knowledgeable who are there to help you make informed life decisions.

Whatever you do, plan ahead, don't freak out, and enjoy the journey!

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