Georgia Southern University

Dmitry Apanaskevich (PhD, Zoological Institute of Russian Academy of
Sciences, 2004)
Systematics of ticks.

Doug P. Aubrey (PhD, University of Georgia, 2011)
Plant physiology, physiological ecology, biogeochemistry, ecosystem ecology, production ecology, and global change bilogy.

Lorenza Beati (PhD, Université de Lausanne, 1987)
Systematics and molecular evolution of arthropods involved in disease

G. Denise Carroll (PhD, University of Georgia, 2009)
Impacts of land use on aquatic ecosystems; science education.

J. Michelle Cawthorn (PhD, Bowling Green State University, 1989)
Biology education; population and community ecology of small mammals.

C. Ray Chandler (PhD, Bowling Green State University, 1989)
Ecology, behavior, and conservation of birds and other terrestrial vertebrates.

James B. Claiborne (PhD, University of Miami, 1981)
Molecular physiology; physiological systems regulating salt, water, and pH in fish.

Risa Cohen (PhD, University of California, Los Angeles, 2003)
Wetland and coastal ecology; restoration and conservation of aquatic communities.

Checo Colon-Gaud (PhD, Southern Illinois University, 2008)
Freshwater ecology, particularly food web dynamics.

Jonathan Copeland (PhD, State University of New York at Stony Brook, 1975)
Neuroethology; toxicology; physiological and behavior control of synchronous flashing in fireflies.

Christopher Cutler (PhD, University of St. Andrews, 1990)
Molecular physiology; ion, water transport, and osmoregulation in fish.

Debra Davis (PhD, University of South Carolina, 2010)

Lance A. Durden (PhD, University of London, 1981)
Systematics and ecology of ectoparasites of vertebrates; vector-borne diseases.

Q. Q. Fang (PhD, Kansas State University, 1993)
Evolutionary genetics; tick molecular biology; phylogenetic analysis.

Sophie B. George (PhD, University of Paris, 1990)
Marine invertebrate ecology; ecology of echinoderms.

Daniel F. Gleason (PhD, University of Houston, 1992)
Marine invertebrate ecology and physiology; coral reef ecology.

J. Scott Harrison (PhD, Texas A&M University, 2001)
Ecological and evolutionary genetics of marine invertebrates; speciation and the genetic basis of reduced fitness in hybrids.

Robert Hattaway (PhD, Pennsylvania State University, 1984)
Systematics and conservation of plants.

Alan W. Harvey (PhD, University of Arizona, 1988)
Evolution, ecology, and behavior of diverse systems such as plant-arthropod protective mutualisms, larval tiger beetles, and hermit crabs.

William S. Irby (PhD, North Carolina State University, 1987)
Arthropod vector-host-pathogen interactions; blood digestion in mosquitos.

Daniel J. Leavitt (PhD, Texas A&M University, 2012)

Lissa M. Leege (PhD, Michigan State University, 1997)
Plant population and community ecology; rare plant and invasion ecology; plant-herbivore interactions.

Johanne M. Lewis (PhD, Memorial University of Newfoundland, Canada 2008)
Comparative Physiology; physiological adaptations to extreme or fluctuating environments.

Lance McBrayer (PhD, Ohio University, 2002)
Functional morphology, behavioral ecology, and evolution of amphibians and reptiles.

D. Kelly McLain (PhD, Emory University, 1982)
Influence of sexual selection on the behavioral ecology and genetic structure of populations.

Edward B. Mondor (PhD, Simon Fraser University, 2001)
Insect behavior, ecology, and evolution in response to novel abiotic and biotic conditions.

Brandon Noel (PhD, Arkansas State University, 2011)
Avian conservation, avian breeding ecology, coastal ecology.

Oscar J. Pung (PhD, University of North Carolina, 1984)
Parasitology and immunology; impact of parasites on host fitness.

Laura B. Regassa (PhD, University of Wisconsin, 1993)
Bacteriology and molecular biology; molecular mechanisms of bacterial pathogenesis; molecular systematics; biology education research.

David C. Rostal (PhD, Texas A&M University, 1991)
Reproductive biology, ecology, and conservation of reptiles and amphibians.

Elizabeth Rowe (PhD, Temple University, 2011)
Human variation, gene-environment interaction, endocrinology, female reproductive physiology.

Subhrajit Saha (PhD, University of Florida, 2008)
Agroecology, agroforestry, international agriculture.

Karin Scarpinato (PhD, Georg-August University, 1997)
Molecular biology, DNA repair, cancer therapy.

Vinoth Sittaramane (PhD, University Missouri Columbia, 2008)
Developmental Neurobiology, Neuronal Migration, Unconventional Myosins, Environmental and Developmental Toxicology Using Zebrafish

Lace A. Svec (PhD, Michigan State University, 2009)
Behavioral neurobiology; neuroendocrinology in zebra finches.

Stephen P. Vives (PhD, University of Wisconsin, 1988)
Behavior, ecology, and conservation of fishes.

Daniel Williams (PhD, University of Kansas, 2009)
Mammal paleoecology, paleobiogeography, taphonomy.

Angela D. Witmer (PhD, Texas A&M University, 2011)
Community ecology and conservation of coastlines.

Lorne M. Wolfe (PhD, University of Illinois, 1990)
Plant evolutionary ecology; biology of invasive species.

Tiehang Wu (PhD, Pennsylvania State University, 2002)
Molecular microbial ecology, soil ecology, mycorrhizas.