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JB Claiborne

James B. Claiborne
PhD, University of Miami

Office:Herty 2103A
Phone: 912-478-5496

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General Biology, Principles of Biology I, Comparative Animal Physiology, Human Pathophysiology, Research Methods

Research Interests

My lab studies the physiological systems involved with regulation of salts, water and pH in aquatic organisms. We do our research on a variety of bony fish and sharks, both at GSU and at the Mount Desert Island Biological Laboratory near Bar Harbor, Maine. In a fashion analogous to the mammalian kidney, fish use their gills to transfer ions between their blood and the surrounding water. Our experiments examine these systems both in vivo and at the molecular level.  Our current NSF project focuses on the molecular and immunological detection of the RNA and protein(s) that allow these fish to excrete hydrogen in exchange for external sodium across the gills. Our laboratory was the first to demonstrate the presence of this Na+/H+ antiporter in the fish gill, and we are now exploring the distribution and regulation of this protein during physiological challenges to the animal.