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Jonathan Copeland

Jonathan Copeland
PhD, State University of New York, Stony Brook
MAT, Tufts University

Office:Math-Physics 3060
Phone: 912-478-0529

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From Neuron to Brain, Principles of Biology I, Neurobiology, Insect Physiology, Ethophysiology of Insects

Research Interests

Research in my laboratory is focused on how the nervous system controls behavior in invertebrates.  My lab uses the tools of neurobiology, behavior, and ecotoxicology and the simple systems approach, i.e., we use invertebrates with their simple nervous systems, tractable number of neurons,  experimental hardiness, and simple behavior to study communication, mating, escape and predatory behavior. These studies have been carried out in the field (Great Smoky Mountains, Georgia barrier islands, Jamaica, Southeast Asia) and in the laboratory (Statesboro and Applied Coastal Research Laboratory).  I am especially interested in graduate students with an interest in marine ecotoxicology.