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Sophie George

Sophie George
PhD, University of Paris, France
MS, University of Paris, France

Office: NSF (Off Campus)
Lab: Biology 2202A
Lab Phone: 912-478-0599

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Principles of Biology II, Advanced Ecology, Marine Ecology, Deep Sea Environments

Research Interests

Research in my lab focuses on the nutritional requirements of the adult and larval stages of echinoderms On going research by students and myself include determining whether the absence or threshold levels of certain fatty acids (e.g. short and long chain poly unsaturated fatty acids) in the eggs and algal diets of echinoderms affects the relative and absolute amounts accumulated during larval development.  A second area of interest is studying the ecology of juvenile fiddler crabs and periwinkles.  Students and myself are looking at variation in shell morphology at various sites exposed or protected from the incoming tides and the use of empty periwinkle shells by juvenile fiddlers crabs.