Georgia Southern University


Lance McBrayer

Lance D. McBrayer
Associate Professor
PhD, Ohio University
MS, Buffalo State University

Office: Biology 2214
Phone: 912-478-0545

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General Biology, Herpetology, Comparative Vertebrate Anatomy, Natural History Collections

Research Interests

My research interests lie in organismal ecology which encompasses behavior, functional morphology, and evolution.  I primarily use lizards as a model system and have done studies on feeding behavior, foraging ecology, and locomotion in a variety of species. Central to my research is the study of organismal performance, or how well organisms perform ecologically important tasks like biting, jumping, or sprinting.  I am also the curator of our herpetology collection (~36,000 specimens).  This collection provides a rich source of natural history data for this region. If interested, feel free to contact me or visit my home page for more information.