Georgia Southern University


Elizabeth Rowe
Visiting Assistant Professor
PhD, Temple University
MA, Temple University

Office: Math-Physics 2204B
Phone: 912-478-1686

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General Biology, Principles of Biology I Lab

Research Interests

My dissertation research focused on the impact of a functionally significant polymorphism of the progesterone receptor gene (PROGINS) on uterine function in women.  I also investigated the possibility that PROGINS interacts with non-genetic factors such as anthropometric measures, physical activity patterns, and women's life histories.  This research demonstrated that PROGINS impacts uterine function alone, and interacts with anthropometric variation.  I also found that both smoking habits and hormonal contraceptive use alter women’s reproductive physiology at the sub-clinical level.  In collaboration with colleagues at Temple University, I am currently examining the possibility that other genetic variants similarly affect uterine function.