Georgia Southern University


Karin Scarpinato
Associate Professor
PhD, Georg-August University Goettingen, Germany

Office: COST Dean's Office
Phone: 912-478-5620

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Research Interests

I am interested in DNA repair mechanisms, with particular emphasis on mismatch repair proteins.  These proteins can repair certain types of DNA damage, but also initiate cell death when irreparable damage is encountered.  We are exploiting this unique role to develop small molecules that utilize mismatch repair proteins to induce cell death in cancer cells.  We are further interested in the molecular events that result in the switch between repair and cell death.  For this, we are using fluorescent imaging to determine movement of proteins within the cell. Another project involves the determination of cancer mechanics, i.e. the changes a cell undergoes in terms of rigidity and intracellular viscosity, as well as the effects of which. All projects are an interdisciplinary collaboration with biophysicists, chemists and imaging specialists.