Georgia Southern University


Daniel Williams

Daniel R. Williams
Visiting Assistant Professor
PhD, University of Kansas
MS, Georgia College & State University

Office: Biology 2203A
Phone: 912-478-7794

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General Biology, Principles of Biology II, Principles of Biology II Lab, Vertebrate Zoology, Comparative Vertebrate Anatomy Lab

Research Interests

I use fossil vertebrates to understand the long term reaction of communities to major climate change.  Because Quaternary mammals have been exposed to numerous glacial cycles during the last 2 million years, they serve as my study focus.  As a part of this research I look at the evolution of new characters as well as distributional changes in responses to climate change. Many Quaternary localities are cave sites where preservation routes can be mixed, therefore I am also interested in recognizing how bones arrive in caves, such as bone buildups caused by woodrats as well as avian or mammalian predators.